Saving Information in the Cloud

Imagine turning on your computer or mobile device only to find that all of your documents and photos have been mysteriously erased. To keep your memories secure and personal information close at hand, you may want to consider using the cloud.

ZDNet recently reported that consumers are using cloud-based services to help them safely store their prized digital content. Services like Flickr, Microsoft 365 and Google Drive enable wireless users to upload, share and save materials in the cloud.

If you take a lot of pictures, you end up using a lot of memory on your camera, and perhaps your computer. Flickr allows consumers to upload photos through their computers or mobile devices. Once uploaded, photos can be shared with friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. By uploading to the cloud, you can then make more room on your camera to take and store new memories.

Storing in the cloud can also help with collaboration. For example, Google Drive documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be created and shared with friends and colleagues, who can edit simultaneously. Changes are tracked and saved immediately, making it easy to save and share work without losing important edits.

Today’s small business owners are looking to make their businesses more efficient by downloading cloud storage services. Microsoft 365 gives access to document sharing and online collaboration, making it easy to work as a team from multiple locations while keeping business documents secure.

Protecting documents, freeing up hardware space and saving money for small businesses are just a few of the ways the cloud can help.