Gearing Up for Cyber Monday

Analyst expectations are high for Cyber Monday this year. Millions of people will be turning to their computers to search their favorite sites for deals. For mobile shoppers seeking bargains, a few key preparations will give them an edge the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

Having a game plan in advance and knowing what apps to download could help save time and money on Monday. While Cyber Monday is geared toward shopping from home to avoid the rush at stores, shoppers can go about their days and tap smartphones and tablets to find the best deals. Most major retailers - like Amazon, Best Buy and Overstock - have apps with sections specifically devoted to Cyber Monday.

Once a shopper decides which stores to target, following them on Facebook and Twitter is a great way to get the latest sale updates and reminders. Keeping an eye on both social channels leading up to early morning on Monday will ensure no deal is missed.

Above all though, shoppers need to take precautions when taking advantage of Cyber Monday on their smartphones.  PC World offers consumers tips for protecting themselves, such as avoiding making purchases while connected to public Wi-Fi. While approved apps from retailers are secure and consumer information is protected, using payment apps not directly associated with a retailer or a bank may be risky.

Shoppers should  take the additional step of protecting themselves with services like the Mobile Security App from MacAfee. It could mean the difference between a great deal and a giant headache.

Cyber Monday is about finding great deals and the perfect gifts for the holidays at home or on a mobile device. The last thing anyone wants is something slowing them down. Taking a few steps to prepare will go a long way to helping consumers find great deals.