Live Streaming the Holidays

Every year, around the holiday season, travelers face crowded airports, jammed highways and expensive fares or gas prices. Those looking to avoid the hassle can stay local and still share special moments with family and friends through live streaming video. 
When the kids open holiday presents, share the joy and excitement with their grandparents. Ustream gives users the ability to watch and share live video anywhere, anytime. Alerts are sent as selected friends start streaming, and users can interact through a chat function, making the sharing experience interactive. 
Instead of calling your faraway friends to wish them a Happy New Year at midnight, invite them to be a part of the celebration. Tango and OOVOO let friends talk face to face, so you can put on a party hat and celebrate as if they were in the same room. 
Whatever you do, the holidays are a time to be with friends and family. Using live video brings people together so everyone can share the memories.