Mobile Video Trends of 2012

According to mobile app analytics firm Flurry, video consumption through mobile apps increased by 52 percent in 2012. While more traditional services have been moving to mobile devices, the increased availability of 4G LTE devices and coverage have changed the way we watch, shoot, share and experience video.

This year, growth of 4G LTE created true support for live streaming on mobile devices. Apps like viewdini deliver video content from a variety of providers such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, while several TV networks offer live streaming content through apps, such as WatchESPN, so viewers never have to miss the big game or the latest episode.

Real-time video creation and sharing are now a reality with the capabilities of high-speed networks. Streamweaver, a free app that debuted in September, makes shooting video simple and highly social by allowing four users to simultaneously record videos from multiple angles and turn them into one split-screen video.

In the past year, mobile video apps have spawned social networks of their own. Much like Instagram, people are connecting to friends and discovering content from around the world through apps like SocialCam and Mobli. Both are social platforms where members can shoot video with custom filters and share through live feeds, as well as through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

From shooting and creating to sharing and engaging, the biggest trend in mobile video may be how much we use our devices to watch and create videos now and in the future.