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New Trends in Recycling

In a world that is focused on climate change, efficiencies and ways to both cut costs and do the right thing, employees, businesses and governments are always exploring new ways to “go green.” Innovations in recycling and re-use, such as trade-in programs and pre-cycling, have become more common as going green delivers business benefits. 

Several companies collect their own products from customers. Verizon Wireless collects old wireless phones and accessories through HopeLine and turns them into support for domestic violence victims and organizations. Patagonia collects their used gear from customers and turns it into new clothing through its Common Threads Initiative.

Other companies create environmentally-friendly products by pre-cycling, creating reduced packaging and refillable containers to reduce waste from product consumption. At the grocery store, food is sold in bulk containers to cut down on packaging and reduce consumer costs.

Several major cities are focused on the green movement by putting new requirements in place. Earlier this year, Los Angeles followed San Francisco and approved a ban on plastic bags at checkout counters, completely changing the way consumers shop. Across the country, it is now a common practice for shoppers to bring reusable bags to the store, cutting down on plastic waste and saving money at the same time.

To celebrate America Recycles Day today, consider supporting companies and city programs that embrace innovative recycling practices.