Prepaid Wireless Service Provides Consumers with Options and Holiday Deals

For most Americans, purchasing wireless service means visiting the online or physical store of a mobile carrier, selecting a phone and signing a two-year contract. Increasingly, as U.S. wireless carriers offer prepaid plans on the latest smartphones, consumers are looking at the service as a budget friendly option.

Today’s prepaid plans are barely discernible from their contract or postpaid cousins. The network quality is the same in that the nation’s largest mobile operators offer prepaid service, and since there is no credit check or long-term contract, purchasing can be as easy as selecting a phone package in the check-out lane of retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Radio Shack or Wal-Mart

What is most exciting is smartphones that were once available only to postpaid customers are now available to prepaid customers. Some Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows smartphones are all available on prepaid plans. Holiday promotions, such as the one offered by Verizon Wireless, give customers unlimited talk, unlimited text and 2GB of data per month versus the standard  1 GB of data per month for the life of the account with the purchase or activation of any supported 3G smartphone on a $80 per month prepaid smartphone plan. 

American Express is even joining in this new-found realization that prepaid service is a great option for many consumers. New American Express Serve customers can receive a $25 account credit when they sign up for a Verizon Wireless prepaid plan and load $25 or more prior to Jan. 31. 

Smart consumers explore all their options when making any purchasing decisions.  So whether it is a reloadable credit card or prepaid wireless service, today’s consumers have choices that give them quality, convenience and efficiency, all year long.