QR Codes for Small Businesses

Customer engagement has always been a cornerstone of small businesses. With technologies like Quick Response (QR) codes, business owners have even more ways to stay connected to customers.  
QR codes enable companies to drive customers to their own interactive content such as videos, social media sites and Web pages, by using a device’s camera to scan a barcode. These barcodes can be anywhere – billboards, ads, posters, product displays and more, increasing visibility.   
Any smartphone with a camera is a QR code scanner and businesses large and small use them to engage with their mobile customer bases. In fact, last year, comScore found that 14 million U.S. mobile users scanned QR codes.  
The low cost and high interactive aspect of this technology make it a good option for small businesses and provides valuable insights into customers. Small business owners can use many free or paid sites like QReate & Track and Delivr to create their own QR codes and find out the number of scans, location, dates and times used.  
However, to draw in consumers with QR codes, businesses need to be sure to something extra for those who use it, like special offers, discounts or unique content. Simply directing people to a company website won’t be enough to engage a large audience.  
The most significant business outcome for small businesses though is the chance to engage with customers and build a relationship in a new way.