A Tale of Small Business Survival After Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc up and down the East Coast, flooding homes and businesses, and leaving millions without power. In New York’s Orange County, thousands of homes suffered power outages. Among them was the home of Joe Dans, president and senior creative director of Rogue Wave Creative Group, Inc., who was forced to relocate with his family. Left without power when they returned home, Dans faced the challenge of operating his small public relations firm from his home.

To start, Dans had to figure out how to communicate with employees and clients. Thankfully, he was more than prepared. A 4G LTE Jetpack allowed Dans to connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices, including his laptop, wireless terminal, tablet and smartphone. By charging the mobile hotspot and other devices through his car, Dans could conduct business without interruption, taking calls and answering emails and other messages, while other employees in the area remained cut off.

As he worked, his son was also able video chat with family and stream mobile games from his smartphone. “I was shocked at the hotspot’s ability to handle all of the devices and data that we were using,” said Dans.

At one point, Dans realized that his Wi-Fi network was the only one active in the neighborhood. The device he bought simply to stay connected during family vacations was now being used to keep his small business going. With Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connections, Dans put his marketing agency back to work helping other organizations elevate their creative marketing capabilities.

Looking back at his disaster preparedness, Dans believes he was, and still is, more than ready for any situation that might disrupt his firm’s operations. According to Dans, “Every business has to have a backup plan ready, and we did.”