'Tis the Season to Trade in Old Devices

Remember the days of tossing old electronics into the garbage without a thought? Buying a new tube TV then calling four friends to help carry the old one to the curb. Well, times – and technology – have changed.

When it’s time to upgrade your cell phone or smartphone, which many people do during the holiday season, there are other options besides throwing away your old device. You can trade it in for a gift card that can be applied to your bill, given as a stocking stuffer or used to purchase a new device or smart accessories.

Smart accessories make great stocking stuffers or holiday gifts. For example, the Fit Bit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker can help friends or family members achieve fitness goals by tracking distance, steps, time, calories burned and more. If the person you’re shopping for is a gamer, the Moga™ Mobile Gaming System docks most Android smartphones for the best experience in gaming on the go. The Belkin Net Cam WiFi Camera lets you see everything that’s going on at home when you’re not there right from your smartphone or tablet.

The value of your old device depends on its condition and age. Some might have little monetary value, but can still do a world of good as a donation to HopeLine from Verizon. HopeLine collects no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories to be refurbished or recycled and turns these devices into support for domestic violence survivors.

Verizon’s Trade-In Program can put extra holiday spending money in your pocket or a new device to gift wrap this holiday season, while also keeping electronic waste out of landfills.