Prepare For the Approaching Nor'Easter

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, another storm is headed for the East Coast. According to NBC News, winter storm Athena will bring heavy winds, rain and snow starting this afternoon and continuing into Thursday.

With the risk of losing power when Athena hits, residents should ensure all battery-powered devices, including smartphones, tablets, MiFis, flashlights and radios are fully charged ahead of time. During the storm, these devices should be turned off when not in use to preserve battery life.

While smartphones are charging up, those affected by the storm can download emergency apps such as the American Red Cross’ First Aid app and FEMA’s disaster preparedness app, as well as weather apps like WeatherBug Protect to receive precise radar images, forecasts and alerts.

Social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, are helpful tools for communicating with friends and family members and receiving updates from government organizations and news media before, during and after the storm. Twitter handles to follow for up-to-the-minute information include @weatherchannel, @RedCross and @fema.

Throughout the storm, residents can also turn to Verizon Wireless’ Emergency Information Center for information on emergency communication resources.