CES: A Look Back Since 2010

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) draws attendees from around the world to its showcase of the most innovative technologies for the year to come. Over the past few years, we’ve seen consumer technology advance dramatically with solutions that are truly changing with the way we live. Here is a look back at the evolution of the technology trends of recent years’ shows.

Just a few years ago in 2010, CES featured many products that are now mainstays in our lives. Some of the most buzzed-about gadgets were e-readers, with dozens of vendors showing how reading-only devices evolved into more robust products with audio, full-color animation, video and images and apps. Internet and 3D capabilities came to HDTVs, and CES was among the first places many of these technologies were shown on tablets. The 2010 show also saw the emergence of 4G LTE-enabled products, as LTE networks were just beginning to be built in the United States.

Over the years, more and more companies whose business is mobility have chosen CES to introduce and highlight their products and solutions. CES 2011 marked a turning point in the mobile industry. It came on the heels of the introduction of the first 4G LTE network in the United States, enabling technologies that would change the way we communicate. The first 4G LTE-enabled smartphones were introduced, including the Thunderbolt by HTC and the DROID BIONIC by Motorola. Tablets took center stage at 2011’s event, with more than 75 new products on the show floor, including some of the first Android tablets. Innovations like motion-controlled gaming and connected devices, including electric vehicles, TVs and home appliances, also generated excitement.

CES 2012 brought non-traditional 4G LTE-enabled solutions to the forefront from a wide range of exhibitors. The connected car came closer to a reality, with automakers outfitting vehicles with 4G LTE and advanced infotainment systems. Digital and mobile health were major themes, as evolving technology showed how virtual doctor consultations and remote patient monitoring could impact the industry. New ways to incorporate wireless into places it had never been before were explored, such as eye control, touch screen projectors and even head-mounted computing.

Year after year, CES impresses with life-changing technology. CES 2013 should do the same, giving a roadmap to the next big trends in technology.

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