Eco-Friendly Holiday Shopping Tips

Cyber Monday activity this year ranked at an all-time high, as consumers shopped and looked for deals without having to get in their cars. This not only saves gas, but reduces the average consumer’s carbon footprint at the same time. As the holiday season peaks and we look to the future, consumers can look for ways to spend “sustainably,” giving back to the planet while buying for others.

Many retailers, including Verizon Wireless, offer paperless receipts for in-store purchases providing this option to shoppers who want to save paper and request email receipts instead of traditional printouts. In addition to helping the environment, email receipts can help organize spending and make it easier to share the receipt if something needs to be returned.

Shoppers can buy green as well. Treehugger has a list of sustainable gifts for everyone on your gift list. When purchasing a wireless device or accessory, consider giving back by donating an old phone or accessory to HopeLine from Verizon, which benefits victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Shoppers planning to entertain guests this holiday season can buy local and organic food, reducing their carbon footprint, as organic food travels less distance to get to your plate and contains fewer pesticides. And bring or buy a couple of inexpensive eco-friendly shopping bags to carry all your purchases wherever you go this holiday season.