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Finding the Right Home Internet Service

A self-confessed tech geek, David Speicher is an avid gamer who often works remotely. However, living in Sheridan, Ind., the computer engineer struggled to find an Internet service for his home that would provide the connectivity needed.

For the past seven years, Speicher went from one Internet service provider to the next. His home, which resides on five acres surrounded by farmland, is 15 minutes outside of a major metropolitan area.

He took to the Internet to research his options. After reading reviews on several tech sites, he installed HomeFusion Broadband. “I read about it on Gizmodo and Engadget and ordered it as soon as it was available,” said Speicher.

HomeFusion Broadband brings high-speed Internet access into homes that may otherwise not have it, like Speicher’s Sheridan residence. The broadband router offers 4G LTE and can connect up to four wired and at least 20 wireless devices, including gaming consoles, inside the home using Wi-Fi.

Once Speicher installed HomeFusion Broadband, he noticed a considerable difference. The service allows him to consult after hours with healthcare customers via secure, HD video conference channels and perform around the clock upkeep on his work servers. He and his family also now connect with his grandmother over video chat.

Speicher now has an Internet connection that meets all of his techie needs, for work and play, proving that living in a rural area no longer limits technological capabilities.