Tips for a Healthy 2013

Every year, countless New Year’s resolutions are made but only 46 percent of people actually stick with to their plans after six months. According to a study by the Barna Group, 30 percent of those making New Year’s resolutions resolve to improve their health. This year, stay healthy with accessories and content that can be accessed from a mobile device.

For those who want to exercise but do not want to commit to a gym membership, they can get in shape at home or on a lunch break in the office with their tablets. Tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, feature HD-quality screens that can be used to access YouTube health channels, such as Yoga Today, for the latest workouts, exercise and training tips. Apps, such as MyFitnessPal, can track calories, provide exercises and set goals.

Listening to music is a great motivator when working out. The Scosche Fitness Bundle lets users listen to music while keeping their device safe. The bundle features an adjustable arm band to keep the device in place during physical activity and waterproof Sport Earclips that feature SlideLINE Control to help manage music. Users will also have a free three-month membership to MapMyRun to turn their device into a GPS tracker, allowing them to map routes, tally distance, track pace and more.

The Fitbit Ultra can be used to track activity throughout the day. The tiny wireless device clips to a belt or arm band to track movements and report back on activity. The motion-detecting sensor digitally records distance walked or ran, calories and even your sleep patterns.

Set the tone for a great 2013 with these tools and tips for a happy and healthy new year.