New Year's Resolutions for Small Business Owners

2013 is almost upon us and it’s not too late to think about resolutions to help your small business expand, generate more revenue, or streamline the workflow.

Michael Schaefer, executive director, SMB marketing, Verizon Wireless offers the following resolutions to inspire SMBs in 2013.

“Reflect back on 2012 and think of what you set out to accomplish. A business owner needs to assess not only their industry and how the economy affected it, but also the right tools to streamline their workflow so they don’t have to worry about process, but rather their core business.”    

Mobile technology can be a key tool to help a small business or entrepreneur succeed in 2013. Here are a few ideas to consider. 

Think connectivity: Adding a wireless Jetpack mobile hotspot to your business provides mobile connectivity whether in the office or on the road for an out-of-town business trip. Having a fast mobile connection enables faster data speeds, more flexibility and the ability to work with data-rich applications such as video.

Simplify your search for apps: There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for your smartphone or tablet. No matter what your operating system, smartphone, or tablet, finding the right apps quickly can sometimes be a challenge. The Small Business Advisor program uses a proven algorithm to sift through many variables and provides recommendations for the right apps to meet your business requirements.

Consider a technology upgrade: Technological change is constant. New devices, such as a 4G LTE-enabled tablet could increase staff productivity, providing a portable tool to create documents and presentations or video conference. Smartphones, too, have been improving and adding more functionality, storage, and business-centric widgets.

What are some of the resolutions you made for your SMB? Please share them with us via Twitter @VZWnews.