Succeeding in New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is only days away and Resolutions for 2013 will soon be made. Resolutions such as being healthier, getting organized and quitting smoking top the list every year, but only eight percent of people succeed. This year, smartphones and other technologies can be an aid in keeping resolutions.

Living healthy is always a popular resolution, but it can be a difficult one to keep. The Fit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker calculates distance and calories burned during everyday activities or exercise while monitoring progress made. Keep track of calories with the Calorie Counter: My Fitness Pal app, which also features nutritional information, more than 350 exercises and the ability to set goals.

Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult, but with the Time to Quit Smoke app, achievements are displayed to help users stay strong. The app informs users of how long it has been since their last cigarette, how much money they have saved and how many cigarettes they have not smoked.  

The Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Nokia Lumia 822, the latest Windows Phone 8 devices, are able to assist users in staying organized while on the go. Live tiles on the home screen allow users to select which apps, bookmarks and contacts they want to be able to access quickly. Built-in Microsoft Office and SkyDrive integration let users be productive and access documents right on the device.

Another popular resolution is to find a better work-life balance in the New Year. A great way to step away from the office and spend time with your family and friends is to take a weekend road trip. To ensure a relaxing car ride, parents can pack a tablet to play movies, TV shows and other video content for the kids with viewdini. If a family is taking a trip abroad and needs to stay connected to life back at home, they can purchase a global data plan to use data while traveling outside the United States.

This New Year, achieve your resolutions with the help of the latest technology and have a successful 2013.