4G LTE Communication Key for Midwest Construction Company

For Pepper Construction, the third largest contractor in the Midwest, mobile communication is key. With crews working on multimillion-dollar projects across four states, the ability to quickly interact with colleagues and collaborate on building plans is essential.

Mobile technology impacts the way the construction industry manages on- and off-site projects. By streamlining projects and processes, mobile devices and advanced wireless networks have improved efficiency and productivity at the job site and in the back office.

In 2011, Pepper Construction made the decision to upgrade its mobile connectivity on job sites from EV-DO air cards to 4G LTE Jetpacks.

“For our field people, Verizon Wireless 4G LTE has been incredible. The same solution can be used at all locations. The speed is not even the biggest part; it is the connectivity. The mobile hotspots enable our guys to work out of pickup trucks. They can have a notebook, portable printer and inverter, along with the hotspot and have a mobile office,” said Howie Piersma, vice president of Information Technology at Pepper Construction.

Piersma said 4G LTE is especially helpful when using Building Information Modeling (BIM), a process of generating and managing digital representations of buildings and structures. It also has been beneficial for smooth video conferencing and streaming video.

For more information on the role of mobile technology in the construction industry, check out this Small Business Insights article with Paul Bedard, Verizon Wireless’ director of Global Enterprise Data Solutions.