Now Hear This: Popular Science Radio Talks About 4G LTE

The difference between a 4G LTE network and a 3G network can be like the difference between a 20-lane superhighway and a two-lane road.

In a 4G LTE world everything moves faster – from uploading a high-resolution photo to downloading a video without slow-moving buffering – all of it about 10 times faster than on 3G.With Verizon Wireless’ recent launch of its 4G LTE service in 29 new markets, it’s a good time to hear a little plain talk about the benefits of 4G LTE.

In this interview on Popular Science Radio, Scott Charlston, of Verizon Wireless, describes some of the ways 4G LTE has transformed wireless users’ smartphone and tablet experience with talk show host Alan Taylor. Alan is one of the nation’s leading followers and explainers of new technologies who wanted to explore the advances enabled by 4G LTE wireless technology.

Scott and Alan are acquainted for both occupational and geographical reasons. Scott, spokesman for Verizon Wireless in the Pacific Northwest, is based in Bellevue, Wash., and Alan lives in southern Oregon and commutes to Los Angeles, where Popular Science Radio is based.

During their conversation, they explore what 4G LTE is all about and how people across the country are making the most of its connectivity and incredible data speeds.

Listen to the interview with Popular Science Radio above.