Recycling Company Improves Collection Process with Wireless Technology

As one of the largest recyclers in the country, rePlanet collects nearly 3 billion cans, bottles and other recycled goods from depositors at retail locations every year. rePlanet relies on wireless technology to monitor and create real-time reports about the operations of its 400 collection centers in California. “We have locations everywhere from major cities to rural towns,” says rePlanet president Rod Rougelot.

Analyzing data about total bottles and cans collected, and cash vouchers issued, rePlanet managers can now make operations and transportation decisions throughout the day, allowing them to make adjustments as needed instead of waiting to recap at the end of the day. This helps their employees in the field create a better experience for customers. “Plentiful supplies for customers, and adequate space in collection bins, has shortened wait times for customers and reduced clutter.”

rePlanet currently uses a Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect device, paired with a wireless router for its business. They are also testing new software, run over the network, which will help reduce fraud. When it goes live, the company will be able to validate vouchers generated and cashed at each recycling center in order to prevent people from making copies and cashing vouchers multiple times. 

Wireless technology has made rePlanet a more efficient recycler, better helping the environment.