Sharing and Storing Smartphone Photos

By the end of 2012, there will be an estimated 4.4 billion phones around the world that include a camera. All those cameras mean a lot of photos will be taken. While some smartphones may have the memory to store thousands of snapshots, that doesn’t mean those priceless moments shouldn’t be shared.

Instagram makes mobile photo sharing a social experience. Users add filters that transform the look of the picture by adjusting the contrast, saturation or hues, and then share them on multiple social media sites. The added benefit being the pictures are now backed up on Instagram and the selected sites.

Shutterfly Load lets users send photos from their device to Shutterfly, a website specializing in personalized photo albums, cards and other photo gifts. The app lets users save photos onto the site, which they can then access and select which ones they want to download to their computer.

Instead of saving pictures only on a computer, users can also send them to the cloud, which saves space on their device. Apps such as Dropbox let users save and view photos and videos from computers or Android devices. Then, even if the smartphone is misplaced, all files are backed up in the cloud.

For more ways to share and protect mobile photos, Lifehacker and CNET offer up their own suggestions.