Stay Productive at the Gate or in the Air

Across the country, people are flying to see loved ones during the holidays, but time spent in the air is not always the most productive. After stopping for a bite to eat, and scanning the magazines at the news stand, there’s often still time simply waiting at the airport.

However, with their smartphones or tablets in hand, airline passengers can still make good use of their time and get things done, or stay entertained.  

Taking advantage of Wi-Fi-friendly airports and airlines is one of the best ways to ensure a trip is productive. Many airports now offer free Wi-Fi and several airlines are allowing passengers to take advantage of in-flight Wi-Fi services like GoGo. For those airports that don’t offer Wi-Fi, travelers can quickly and easily create their own using a mobile hotspot to check email, review and edit files for work, or catch up on news and TV shows.

An airplane’s tight quarters can sometimes be a challenge for laptop use, but with a compact tablet there is more elbow room to work comfortably. A pair of headphones can drown out distracting background noise and keep travelers hands-free when answering calls and juggling luggage at the gate.

The most important thing for travelers trying to stay productive is to keep devices charged and ready to go. Even if a battery isn’t drained, plug in to an airport’s charging station and ensure a full battery after arrival. Airlines are also beginning to include power outlets within the seats, so frequent travelers can bring airplane power adapters to power up and use their devices throughout the flight.

With these tips, holiday travelers can use their time and devices wisely when faced with a long flight or delay.