Collaboration at the Heart of the Verizon Innovation Centers

Creating solutions that address business problems or make life simpler for consumers rarely happen overnight. Hundreds of stories have been written chronicling the progress of an entrepreneur or an innovator or a kid in a college dorm who is sure about the next big thing.

Sometimes all that work leads to an “a-ha” moment and a new product or service that no one can imagine living without. Sometimes it’s just about making it a little bit easier to get through the day.

In most cases, no one creates a transformative solution alone. That’s especially true in an increasingly wireless world, where understanding and interacting with advanced networks and constantly-changing technologies are more critical than ever before.

Verizon and its predecessor companies have been at the forefront of providing telecommunications solutions for more than 100 years. In 2011, the company officially opened two Innovation Centers, one in Waltham, Mass. and one in San Francisco, to focus on the next-generation of innovations and to engage with other companies to rapidly bring more products and services to market.

At the Innovation Centers, engineers and designers work side-by-side with Verizon employees on hardware and software challenges, drawing on a wealth of resources and wireless expertise to build solutions. Participating companies aren’t charged a fee, and they maintain their intellectual property, leading to a more collaborative environment.

Verizon also offers companies a pre-certification regime, enabling them to test and refine their products in labs that simulate real-world conditions on 3G and 4G LTE networks before submitting them for final network testing. This often shaves months off the development cycle, along with helping companies make choices about every component – chipsets, antennas, modules -- of their solution.

Many of these solutions are displayed at the Innovation Centers and other venues including 2013 CES, giving prospective customers and other collaborators the chance to see live demonstrations of the products.

Ultimately, these wirelessly-driven solutions will be delivered to customers, and perhaps, will inspire a new round of books to be written.

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