How Verizon Selects from Verizon Wireless Works

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In the increasingly internet and mobile data driven society we live in today, there are times we all share personal information with others in exchange for something that benefits us; perhaps it is a coupon, or access to a website that contains details about a product or service in which we are interested.   

A program called Verizon Selects from Verizon Wireless, part of the company’s Precision Market Insights portfolio, offers a suite of solutions designed to help marketers reach audiences more efficiently, especially in the mobile space. It’s an optional program and if a customer chooses not to enroll, absolutely nothing about their relationship with Verizon Wireless changes. Customers are not part of Verizon Selects unless and until they opt-in. 

Simply put, Verizon Selects will use location, web browsing and mobile application usage data, as well as other information including customer demographic and interest data, to create specific insights. Verizon Selects analyzes this information about customers to see whether they fit into certain audiences Verizon or third party marketers are trying to reach. Depending on the results, participating customers will receive marketing messages or offers that may be of more interest to them than what they see or receive today. These messages could be delivered in various ways such as email, text, postal mail or online or mobile advertising.  

We are asking customers to opt-in to Verizon Selects because of the types of information being used and because the capabilities provided to third-party marketers gives them the ability to reach customers directly with more relevant infomation. It’s important to remember that Verizon DOES NOT share information that identifies customers personally outside of Verizon.

We have also made it simple for customers to set and change their privacy choices. Customers can opt-in or change their choices at any time at the Verizon Selects site. Separate from Verizon Selects, there are several other Precision Market Insights solutions in which customers can choose whether or not to participate. We notified consumer customers about these programs and their choices beginning in 2011. 

This video has more information about Verizon Selects and the types of information used.

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