Working Together: 4G LTE and Energy

When people hear the term “4G LTE” they often think of network and technology or smartphones and tablets. They don’t usually think of energy – creating, conserving, or managing it. But, the truth is that energy and 4G LTE technology are more connected than first meets the eye.

A number of energy companies use 4G LTE networks to monitor and reduce in-home energy consumption while some customers use 4G LTE-enabled smartphones and apps to help track their energy usage in order to reduce heating and energy bills. Leafully provides access to graphs of a customer’s energy usage data in order to show daily consumption and demonstrate the impact of how many trees would be needed to offset the user’s consumption. EnergySaver tracks energy and water usage, analyzes it and helps the user make changes that will reduce their carbon footprint and save money. Homeowners can even get a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat to remotely control their home’s temperature.

Other companies are exploring alternative sources such as wind to power network equipment and technology. Wing Power Energy, for example, manufactures hybrid wind/solar-powered turbines that are being tested in Salem, Mass. as an energy source to power local 4G LTE–enabled equipment. These turbines support a variety of features such as public Wi-Fi, video surveillance, digital signage, ambient weather sensors and servers designed to capture weather data. Ultimately, similar solutions could eliminate the need to tie into the network grid, providing new ways to bring high-speed data to remote areas. 

Many companies and individuals are exploring the ways 4G LTE can be used to help shape and evolve the world’s energy future. These are just a few of the possibilities.  

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