The Connected Athlete Experience Showcases the Internet of Everything

When athletes need to condition their bodies they’ve come to rely on many things. More athletes today are utilizing technology, such as Cisco’s Internet of Everything, to improve their performances.

Cisco is collaborating with Verizon Wireless to demonstrate “Connected Athlete” at the 2013 International CES. Connected Athlete leverages the Cisco Intelligent Network and ACM Systems’ smart-insole wireless sensor technology, to help enable trainers to improve their athlete’s performance and reduce the chance of injury by providing real-time and historical analytics of motion and pressure data.

The Cisco Intelligent Network can scale to support billions of connected devices and applications that allow people, processes and data to interact. The Internet of Everything leverages IP-enabled devices including the Cisco® 819 Integrated Services Router and increased broadband access with Verizon 4G LTE, cloud and IPv6.

The “Connected Athlete” demonstration allows people, processes and data to work together and interact with Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) and Medical Body Area Networks (MBAN) to monitor an athletes’ biometric performance, such heart and respiratory rates, blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, glucose and lactate concentrations in the blood, and use this data to accurately assess the athlete’s in-position physical condition and energy expenditure.

It also showcases how fans can use this technology to interact real-time while in stadiums and enhance their connected mobile experiences.

In addition, the demonstration allows for remote monitoring by healthcare professionals to check on patients while in home. The system can alert doctors to problems before the patient’s condition become critical, thus avoiding the need for acute intervention; and allows hospital staff to move patients more freely and give patients more freedom to walk or move around. 

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