The Connected World Beyond Smartphones and Tablets

Having a device that connects to the Internet and personalized with apps can make life easier and packed with solutions made convenient with the addition of mobility. Smartphones and tablets are just the beginning of having a truly connected lifestyle. Today there is a wide variety of connected everyday devices ranging from cameras to cars.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera, introduced in December, was the first connected camera on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. Previously, to upload pictures from your camera, you would need to plug it into your computer or side load from a memory card. A connected camera, like the Galaxy Camera, eliminates that step and lets you share and upload pictures as you take them.

While the Galaxy Camera already has network connectivity built in, innovative wireless technology can take it a step further and turn a non-connected object into a connected one, such as your car.

The Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi system connects to your car instantly adding benefits and changing the way you interact with your vehicle. Using the system, you attach a small device to your car’s diagnostic system. The device then uses the Verizon Wireless network and syncs with your car through a downloadable app. You can review the diagnostic information and set up to receive alerts using the app on your smartphone

For example, if the check engine light turns on, you can check the app and it will tell you what the problem is before heading to a mechanic.

Families who want to stay aware of their children’s driving behaviors can set up “fences” around different locations and get alerts when a driver leaves the fenced area. Parents can also set up other alerts such as getting an email when a driver goes over 75 mph for five seconds or longer.

Your smartphone can also prevent embarrassing situations when you lock your keys in your car. Using the app, you can turn your smartphone into a key fob to lock or unlock doors on compatible cars. Also, forgetting where you parked will no longer be an issue since you can track your car’s location right on your smartphone.

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