Innovation Predictions for 2013

In 2012, the use of mobile technology to access the Internet surged because of advances in wireless connectivity. Here are some of the innovations that many publications expect to emerge in 2013.

Smart accessories will become even smarter this year, incorporating sensors into everything from fitness wristbands to smartphone cases that monitor vital signs. This will be the beginning of smartphones becoming the center of a sensor network that will create what Fast Company calls a “personal ecosystem” to support users.

According to Forbes, one of the trends to watch at 2013 CES, the connected car, has hit its stride as wireless infotainment and entertainment systems combined with driver safety are becoming hot topics. Driverless cars are not just for science-fiction movies with Google’s self-driving cars leading the way. California has legalized driverless cars on it roads beginning in 2013.

Fast Company predicts that biometric technology will soon transform mobile security with authentication apps that confirm identity with eyes or fingerprints through a device’s camera. This will make information on mobile devices more secure and will play a big role in mobile banking and payments. In fact, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean incorporates similar technology that allows users to unlock their devices through facial recognition.

Innovations in mHealth will make healthcare more accessible, providing more proactive care for more people in 2013. The Huffington Post expects products to emerge to track everything from sleep to activity level to mood, making data available to view smartphones and tablets.

While no one can predict what the year in technology will bring, these, and some unexpected innovations, are sure to change the way we communicate and live.