One is the Magic Number for Mobile Devices

How many mobile devices do you carry around with you every day? Wouldn’t life be simpler if you just had one that does everything?

These days, everyone has a mobile phone, but do you lug around a tablet as well because you need a bigger screen to work, watch a movie or view large images? And, how often do you take your laptop when you’re away from the office?

With the computing power of smartphones and tablets zooming ever upward, the reason for more than one device isn’t so much about capabilities. It’s because of the user interface.

Fast mobile broadband and cloud services mean it’s easy to sync all of your devices so they can share the same documents, emails and contacts. So, effectively you’re carrying around multiple devices because they provide different combinations of displays and user inputs.

For portability and convenience, nothing beats a smartphone. But, typing can be a challenge for some, and sometimes a screen with more real estate is desirable and necessary. Then, there are times when the keyboard of a laptop is most important.

The good news – all of this may be about to change. Wearable computing could be the breakthrough that means that you only have to carry around a single, small device for almost any situation.

A compact wearable hands-free computing headset can provide the computing power of a tablet with the connectivity of a smartphone. And, with an operating system built from the ground up for speech recognition, paired with natural language processing technology, such as Ask Ziggy, it’s easy to control with voice commands.

Best of all, the new generation of headsets have tiny screens that sit near your eye, just on the edge of your field of vision. By providing a micro-display with a high resolution screen, the effect is like seeing a 15-inch laptop screen at a normal viewing distance.

Come and try out the Golden-i headset at the Verizon CES booth (LVCC, South Hall, #31400).

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