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Live Streaming the Inauguration

During the recent elections, American voters took to their smartphone and tablets to track results and discuss over social media. Today, audiences can check out the presidential inauguration from their homes or offices through live streaming channels, such as ABC News and CNN, which will no doubt reflect higher viewership numbers than the last inauguration in 2009.

Over the last three years, live streaming video has become an essential tool for communicating real-time news and events, and even personal moments. Through live feeds, audiences around the world can receive instant access to just about any important moment in time. Couples can stream live video from their wedding ceremonies through YouTube; families can stream holiday celebrations to long-distance friends and family members.

High-speed network technology has improved the viewing experience and social media has made it possible to share and exchange information while watching. Services like Livestream, a popular video streaming service, provide an easy way to stream HD video to the Web through a wireless modem over 4G LTE. Businesses are starting to incorporate live streaming media services into their marketing plans to stay with the times and reach a broader audience. And for news events, media organizations and the public rely on the 24/7 live streaming coverage.