4G LTE and 3G is Changing the Live Video Landscape

Transmitting high-quality and reliable video from the field for live news, sporting events, corporate gatherings, and remote-monitoring used to require expensive satellite or fiber connections. This meant that only a limited number of organizations were able to take advantage of live video, and only for very few use cases. Also, line-of-sight and cabling restrictions meant most live video came from stationary spots. 

The wide coverage and affordable costs of cellular technology opens the possibility of live video to a substantially greater number of organizations.

LiveU offers multiple solutions for customers to address different live streaming scenarios. The company’s approach involves cellular bonding, which aggregates multiple 4G LTE and 3G connections together, and provides the bandwidth and stability to transmit broadcast-quality video over existing cellular infrastructure.

Use cases vary from media and sports, to enterprise and security. During the recent elections in the United States, the 2012 Olympics in London, and Sandy aftermath coverage, hundreds of international news networks and local stations used LiveU’s bonded wireless backpack, the LU70, to contribute real-time news reports from a variety of locations, even while reporters were walking around a venue or driving through an affected area.

In sports, hundreds of college and high school games are now streamed online every week using LiveU’s LU40 camera-mounted devices. Professional sports franchises and leagues are using the technology to stream exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on their websites and mobile apps from locker rooms and team events.

Corporations are using the technology to stream keynote speeches by senior executives, and provide remote training sessions. Government agencies are using the bonded solution to monitor sensitive situations on the ground.

And apps such as LiveU’s LU-Smart, which bonds together a smartphone’s 4G LTE connection with additional wi-fi or mobile hotspots, supports high-quality video contributions from citizen journalists to news outlets when a story breaks. Also, it allows experts in engineering, medical, and other fields to remotely monitor procedures that would otherwise require travel.

LiveU’s product family will be showcased in Verizon’s 2013 CES booth.

Check out more from Verizon at CES.

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