Apps for the Modern Mom

For multitasking moms, keeping life organized – from parent-teacher conferences and business meetings to afterschool activities and family dinners – can be a challenge. Luckily, today’s moms hold the key to a “simple life” in the palm of their hands – their smartphone. Ultra-handy mobile devices offer numerous apps to help mothers take life to manageable from hectic.

The Cozi Family Calendar & Lists is a great place to start. The app offers a shared calendar that the entire family can access from individual mobile devices. This calendar sends text or email reminders to each family member, so no appointments are forgotten and everyone stays updated on each other’s schedules.

For coupon clippers, there’s an app that can help organize those pesky coupons and slim down bulky wallets. SnipSnap allows you to save printed coupons to your phone, organize them into categories and search for offers from other companies.

While coupons help mom save on groceries, Fooducate helps mom shop for healthy alternatives. If you’re concerned about the hidden ingredients, download this app to get the lowdown on what’s inside your groceries and find healthier alternatives. Simply scan the product using the barcode scanner, and let Fooducate take it from there.

Last but not least, there’s an app that lends a hand to busy moms on housekeeping. Chore Hero is a clever app that assigns chores to various family members for each day. It gets your kids motivated by rewarding their work with points and corresponding titles if they keep up with their chores. The harder the chore, the higher the points.

With a smartphone in hand, help managing any parent or caregiver’s busy schedule is just a few taps away.