Lost Your Keys Again? This App Can Help

Hectic schedules can lead to distractions, and distractions can lead to more people losing or misplacing valuables. Studies show that stressful situations can impair the brain’s short-term memory, making misplacing valuables occur more often. Every year, the average American driver spends 1.5 hours looking for their keys. The result is that more and more of our possessions are deposited in lost and found bins everywhere.

The TrackR App, created by Phone Halo, allows users to keep track of their valuable items. The app uses Bluetooth and new Bluetooth low energy technology to help the consumer hold on to – or easily find – a wide range of items.

With a two-way locator, TrackR uses an audible alarm and a hot and cold proximity indicator to make it easy to find a lost item, including a smartphone. It also can send out a separation reminder notification to let the user know an item has been left behind. A lost and found mapping feature records an item’s last known location and can send out GPS coordinates to any phone, email or social media account.

The app can be used to find any item that has a small Bluetooth low-energy tag attached. The miniature sensors come in multiple shapes and sizes, and can be the size of two credit cards stacked up, or as small as a quarter. The sensor battery life can last as long as three years. The app also tracks Bluetooth-enabled items such as headsets and cars. For a list of apps and devices, go to www.phonehalo.com/ces/.

Manufacturers, brands and product designers can now incorporate tracking technology into products with the TrackR Enabled standard.

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