Text-a-Pic Program Brings Success for Car Rim Repair Business

Much to the chagrin of car-lovers who invest in custom rims, dings, dents and scratches happen. A family-owned and operated small business, RimGuard Xtreme, Inc. in Wilmington, N.C. provides complete rim repair and top-notch customer service, and in 2012, the company started a text-a-pic program for customers to make getting estimates more convenient through wireless technology.

Since cameras are now standard features on smartphones, RimGuard Xtreme encouraged customers to text images of damaged rims to technicians, who could quickly assess the damage and offer an estimate.

In addition to increased customer satisfaction created by the text-a-pic program, it also led to significant savings because technicians no longer had to make trips to meet every customer in person to provide the repair quote.

The company also eliminated the need for triple carbon copy invoices by streamlining their record-keeping system on 4G LTE-enabled tablets. Using the tablets, technicians now create invoices from the field and email copies to customers immediately after the repair. To further streamline processes, technicians use a mobile calendar system, eliminating the need for paper day planners.

For these and other creative uses of wireless technology, RimGuard Xtreme, Inc. won first place for small businesses in the Verizon Wireless Technology Innovation Awards in the Carolinas.