Efficiency Tools for the Small Business Owner: S Pen and a Large Screen

A large screen smartphone equipped with an easy to use stylus, such as the advanced S Pen™ on the Samsung Galaxy Note II, can be a great efficiency tool for a small business owner or entrepreneur.

From jotting notes in a business meeting, to using drawing tools to sketch out a design, the S Pen can help the busy professional capture important ideas quickly and share them easily over 4G LTE with coworkers and clients.

While many are comfortable working digitally with a keyboard, the S Pen adds another option for those who prefer writing by hand and drawing free form images to capture their ideas. And, for those worried about misplacing their pen, the Note II will set off a warning when the stylus is left behind.

Multi-tasking is a must for a small business owner. Taking this into account, the Samsung Galaxy Note II allows users to operate two apps simultaneously. So a busy entrepreneur can use Polaris office and text at the same time by dividing the screen in the Multi Window view.  

Productivity tools such as the Polaris Office app make it possible for professionals to create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. The work of the entrepreneur involves a lot of sweat equity. Keeping these business documents secure is paramount and with Samsung For Enterprise (SAFE), device users receive security features including on device encryption, advanced Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync functionality and support for industry-leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) and VPN solutions to protect the data and communications handled by the device.

The 5.5-inch HD screen is ideal for creating, modifying and viewing presentations, spreadsheets, documents and video conferencing.

Information swapping is made simple with the Note II. That video file to share with a customer; the spec sheet; the contract, can all be exchanged by simply touching the backs with S-Beam  compatible phones – all made possible through Near Field Communications (NFC).

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