Elevating Entertainment with Smart Accessories

Accessories have evolved beyond the traditional headset or phone case. Now, smart accessories can turn your phone or tablet into a portable video game console, connect to a camera to live stream or become a wireless DJ.

Mobile gaming and phone technology have developed over the years, and now you can have console-quality video games in your pocket. While graphics are important, game play and control is the key to a great gaming experience. The MOGA Mobile Gaming controller gives Android gamers a new way to play on their mobile devices with dual analog sticks, two shoulder buttons and four action buttons.

Having control also applies to video recording. Capturing and sharing video from your smartphone is easy, but requires at least one hand to hold up the phone. Using a smart accessory, like the Looxcie Bluetooth Video Camera, lets you wear the tiny webcam like a Bluetooth headset and live stream life’s fun moments with both hands free. You can stream a family gathering or record an exciting bike trip.

Streaming video for others to watch is another of sharing the fun. Being able to stream and play music for all to hear is another. Portable Bluetooth speakers, such as the Beats Pill, make you the DJ, allowing you to control the tunes without any wires or cables to tangle. You can bring it to the park to listen to music with friends or even on a business trip and use it as a portable conferencing tool.

Smart accessories are also changing the way we charge devices. Wireless charging accessories, like the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, let you charge your compatible phone by simply placing it on the plate. Another way is to harness the power of the sun to charge your device with the Panasonic Solar Charger.

Yesterday, accessories may be seen as just headsets and colorful cases. Today they are smarter and changing the way you use and think about your smartphone.

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