Smartphone Use on College Campuses

Many college students have come to rely on smartphones for everything from note taking to studying to scheduling. A recent study showed that nearly 92 percent of college students acknowledged using their smartphone during class hours. While smartphones have many benefits, there are times when smartphone use might not be seen as a positive by professors or roommates.

Worried that students were missing out on valuable material, some professors have instituted their own mobile phone policies as a result. One Atlanta college professor started taking points off of his students’ final grades if they used their smartphones during class as a way to curb usage.

Fortunately, there are features on every smartphone to prevent it from becoming a distraction in the classroom. Removing the temptation to pick up the phone can be as easy as switching the device to silent/non-vibrate mode.

The library is another spot on campus where smartphone use can be an issue. Some colleges, such as Harvard, have policies forbidding cell phones in libraries and have designated areas where students can talk, for a disturbance-free environment.

For those with smartphones with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, there’s an even easier option - Block Mode. This feature allows the user to block calls and notifications for a period of time, ensuring they can’t be distracted during class. It’s also a good feature to help ensure uninterrupted study or sleep time out of class.

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