Customer Support, 140 Characters at a Time

Customer support in the social age demands an understanding of what’s on customers’ minds and how to solve their problems. 

It is imperative for companies of all sizes to maintain a social presence and interact with their customers, mostly in real time. According to Joshua March, CEO of the social media company, Conversocial, “While consumers are becoming more accustomed to using social media in communicating with companies and their brands, too many companies are struggling to meet high expectations for quick and satisfactory responses.”

Companies like JetBlue, BestBuy and Verizon Wireless use multiple channels, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, to successfully engage and address customer concerns. Support teams respond to thousands of posts a month, the majority over Twitter, answering general questions, troubleshooting equipment issues, addressing account questions or disseminating helpful information.

“We really want to meet our customers where they are. We want to make sure we are interacting with them and we are there for them,” says Verizon Wireless Vice President, Midwest Customer Service, Joan Bowyer. “Social media also helps us understand what’s on our customers’ minds, whether it is a concern about a new policy or curiosity over the launch date for the next hot device.’’

Conversocial’s March sums up the stakes when he says, ”Bottom line, while traditionally consumers are rarely satisfied completely with customer service, fast and efficient social customer service can quickly change the old paradigm and create a viral effect of consumers actually praising rather than vilifying companies.”

See what customers are saying about Verizon Wireless’ social media support on Twitter @VZWSupport