**Personalize Your Wireless Experience

The smartphone is the most quickly adopted technology in history. Considering for the dependence people have on their mobile phones, it’s not surprising that consumers would rather leave their wallets at home than their phones. The new generation of the mobile consumer takes personalization of this all important device to another level by customizing the entire wireless experience, not just the physical aesthetics of the technology.

Right out of the box, a smartphone is a blank slate waiting for its user to turn it into something unique.

Adding accessories and other options allow consumers to turn an ordinary device into something truly personal. Adding a case is a simple change to reflect a smartphone user’s personal taste. Besides changing the outward appearance, customization with apps, allows consumers to differentiate their smartphones from the masses, making it their own.

Basic features, such as setting a personal wallpaper, assigning photos for contacts and designating ringtones, are easy ways to personalize a device. Custom notifications for emails, voicemails and texts enable consumers to stay on top of items without obsessively checking their devices.

Taking personalization one step further, **me allows subscribers to create a personalized mobile phone number using their name, Twitter handle or favorite word. Users can choose to have calls ring their phone, automatically respond to calls with a custom text message when they’re unavailable, or share a link to their blog, website, social media accounts. For example, **KEITH (**53484) or **SARAH (**72724) can be created and shared as the users contact information.  

Personalization is also a great tool for small business owners. Remembering the name of your favorite pizza place can be a lot easier if you simply have to type **PizzaJoe or placing an order for flowers means calling **FlowersbyBetty.

Beyond settings, smartphone users can also personalize the type of content that is delivered to their device. Consumers can pick and choose what news feeds they get, and sports fans can follow their favorite teams with apps like ESPN’s ScoreCenter app to have score alerts sent to their phone whenever a designated team is playing.

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