Wireless Trends of 2012

The calendar has turned to 2013, but many of the top mobile stories and trends of last year will continue to impact the mobile ecosphere in the foreseeable future.

A key theme was the tremendous growth of machine to machine (M2M) connected devices. A recent Forbes article estimated there will be about 40 billion devices connected by 2020. M2M technology will continue to change customers’ lives, whether that means being able to pilot a remote control toy helicopter with the Samsung Galaxy SIII or manage a nationwide fleet of tractor-trailers in real-time. The quick increase in the number of M2M solutions and adoption can be linked in part to the rapid rollout of 4G LTE technology. 

The accelerated adoption of smartphones and tablets contributed to the growth of mobile Internet usage in 2012. Mobile devices now account for 10 percent of global Internet traffic, double that of 2010. Much of the mobile Internet’s growth can also be attributed to mobile video. According to Flurry, a mobile apps analytics company, video consumption through mobile apps increased by 52 percent from March 2011 to March 2012.

New devices were also supplemented with new shared data plans in 2012. Share Everything Plans provide customers with unlimited voice, unlimited text, video and picture messaging and a single data pool of data to share with to 10 wireless devices. 

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