Apps to Combat Winter Sickness

Cold and flu season is in full swing, creating a spike in the use of hand sanitizers, flu shots and natural immunity boosters. If you’re looking to prevent the flu this season or to quickly treat the illness, your smartphone provides several options to help.

The first step of preventing the flu is to be ready before it spreads among family, friends and coworkers. HealthMap is an app that provides real-time outbreak information in your area with an interactive map and alerts.

If the flu is unavoidable and you find yourself calling out sick from work, download ZocDoc to locate a physician. The app includes a map of doctors in many insurance networks along with patient reviews and a schedule of available appointments.

To treat a cold or flu that does not require medical attention, WebMD offers an app that includes a symptom tracker and tips on treatment, local health listings and information on how to use first aid essentials.

A key way to prevent a cold or the flu is to stay stress-free, exercise regularly and get a good night’s sleep – all of which can be a challenge, but are great ways to boost immunity.