Charging Wireless Devices On the Go

There’s nothing worse than seeing a low battery indicator appear on a gadet. In the latest installment of our series answering frequently asked questions from Wireless Workshops, Ryan Sand, Verizon Wireless store manager and in-store Wireless Workshop host, offers his insight on how to charge smartphones and tablets without an outlet.

Question: “How do I charge my phone or tablet when an outlet is not available?”

Ryan: Whether on a camping trip or in the middle of a long flight, you want your wireless devices to work for as long as you need them. Portable charging packs like the Universal Portable Power Pack make it easy to refresh a device’s battery without missing a step. Convenient and compact, these power packs are designed to fit a variety of smartphones and tablets, ensuring that you can charge up and stay connected.

Wireless charging is another option beyond traditional wall or car chargers for charging your device. In the past, this technology was limited to select wireless charging-enabled devices. However, this feature is now being built into the latest smartphones, such the Windows Phone 8X or DROID DNA, allowing customers to easily power up using a charging mat or a similar tool throughout the day.

During a power outage, portable charging devices can be invaluable but when you don’t have them at hand, there are other ways to preserve battery life. Turning off your smartphone or tablet’s non-essential features will reduce the amount of energy the device consumes, and closing unused and inactive apps also helps, saving power for when it will be needed most. Additionally, you can lower the screen brightness as it is the single largest factor in battery drain.

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