Watching the Academy Awards with Your Social Media Network

It’s almost time for the grand finale of the entertainment awards season – the Oscars.

Set for Sunday night, the Academy Awards is the last and arguably biggest event of the award season.

Instead of just watching the event unfold, many movie buffs will again take to Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels to provide instant feedback on whether they agree with the Academy’s picks, or if Seth McFarlane was the right choice to host.

Last year, the Oscars generated 3.8 million comments on social media. For comparison, the Super Bowl is an even bigger event, with an audience of 108.7 million viewers who produced 26.1 million tweets. The analysis immediately following the game, and Ad Age magazine showed how our reactions can be tracked. The “winners” of the ad blitz generated a high volume of mentions and both positive and negative sentiment could be evaluated, as well as the gender of the viewers. The Nielsen Co. estimated that 39.3 million people watched the Oscars in 2012.

If you’re one of the millions who plan to tune in on Sunday night, your smartphone or tablet can be a great tool to keep up with the Oscars conversation as it happens. Get started by checking trending topics on Twitter as you watch. You’ll see celebrities’ names or short descriptions if there is a fashion faux pas. Next, be sure to follow the official Oscars Twitter handle, and monitor relevant hashtags such as #Oscars or #academyawards and watch the comments fly.

Apps such as Viggle provide another avenue to chat with movie fans while also allowing you to earn points by checking into your favorite shows. Accumulated points can be redeemed for rewards, such as gift cards.

And, don’t forget the IMDb App, which will give you quick access to movie trailers, cast lists and its Road to the Oscars feature that includes lists of nominees, photos, news and winners from other award shows.

With your smartphone or tablet in hand, the excitement and magic of the Oscars is only a few taps away.