A Smart Accessory to Control Home Energy Use

The calendar has turned to February, and for many, the excitement and drive behind a New Year’s resolution has been replaced with the thought that it’s time to get started.

For those whose resolutions included saving more money or being more energy efficient, there’s a wireless tool that can help - the Belkin WeMo Switch

The Belkin WeMo Switch allows you to control home electronics and appliances from the other side of the house, across town or in another part of the country. Simply use it in any standard outlet, plug in your appliance and download the app on your iOS device to have complete access and control of your appliance via your smartphone or tablet.   

Want to keep the lights on a little later or start the computer a little earlier? Use the scheduling feature to set up the times that work for your lifestyle. Have you left the house but forgot to put the hall light on or the turn the iron off? No problem, stay out and about while easily controlling your connected appliances in real-time from your device.   

The WeMo Switch operates over a WiFi or mobile Internet connection. You can use one or many throughout your home or office and easily control them all from the same app. 

With a wireless device in hand, it’s easy to embrace the mobile lifestyle and use it for much more than surfing the web, or sending texts.

This innovative solution can help make upholding this year’s money-saving, environmentally conscience New Year’s resolution a possibility.