If You See Something, Say Something

Mike Mason remembers receiving the call from his sister to tell him she had been attacked by her husband. He was 800 miles away at the time, but said the episode taught him that as a brother, father and husband he needed to use this experience as a platform to prevent this from happening to other families.   

Now Verizon’s Chief Security Officer, Mike recalls a lesson he learned during his years in the FBI, if you see something, say something. No matter how awkward the conversation, or how great the fear of causing offense, it is better to speak to someone you think may be in danger than to wait until it’s too late. 

“There is a continuum that goes from meeting to beating,” says Mike. “And there are decision points along the way. It’s not easy and it takes courage, but you can walk away.”   

That’s one of the reasons he continues to share his sister’s story and will take part in A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal, a groundbreaking summit hosted by Verizon to bring together leaders from across the country to talk openly and to find solutions to an issue affecting so many.

Throughout Mike’s years at Verizon, and before that, while serving in the FBI, he saw countless examples of the pain that domestic violence inflicts upon families, friends and co-workers. “We have to be bold enough to go into uncomfortable territory,” says Mike. “Domestic violence is not an easy subject, but I believe that through forums like this, we can help raise greater awareness and help save lives.”

Speaking out as Mike does and working together in public-private partnerships can make that road easier to travel for victims of domestic violence.