Customer Service Done the Right Way

Customers are turning to social media as another way to engage with brands; however, more than half of consumers rate their social media experience as “disappointing” or “mediocre.” It’s some of the nation’s top brands that buck the trend by adhering to industry-best social media practices described by experts and companies alike. Rapid response and full resolution are what customers expect.

Today, Verizon Wireless was again recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for its industry leadership in customer care, ranking first among national providers for the fourth consecutive time.

As part of its US-based network of customer service centers, Verizon Wireless has a dedicated social media team that reaches out to customers on social channels and often follows up via direct messaging or even with a phone call to fully ensure resolution. The team also has an online personality, signing on and off from its designated support hours with light-hearted tweets that range from special shout outs to weather forecasts. 

By actively monitoring social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Yelp, companies like Verizon Wireless enhance and expand upon the customer experience while not losing the personal touch.

Scott Levy, founder and CEO of SEO and social media firm Fuel Online, encourages companies to humanize the customer experience by letting customers know who they are engaging with via social media. “Customers usually appreciate knowing they’re dealing with a person who has a name, rather than a mystery person who's sending automated messages.”

“We’ve always been able to answer you on the phone, email or chat, but now adding social media means you have the convenience of sitting on your couch and sending us a tweet,” says Chauncey Mason, Verizon Wireless social media coordinator.

Beyond being personable, companies shouldn’t forget about those customers engaging outside of Twitter and Facebook platforms. “Employ a tool that sweeps social media for all mentions of your brand, many people will be having conversations about your brand without directly mentioning you,” explains social media specialist Jayne Gorman.

Today companies can build upon their customer service model with social media support tools and teams. Blake Landau, founder of marketing consultancy Artemis, adds: “Social media offers companies a wonderful opportunity to engage on a different level than they had before.”