Mobile Applications: Helping Customers Make Educated Purchases

No matter what task you want to perform using your smartphone or tablet – there’s probably an app, or likely dozens of apps, available to help.

In the Google Play store alone, there are more than 700,000 apps available today. Having so many options is great, but where can customers go to get reliable information on what apps to try and how they will effect their device?

Verizon Wireless has launched two online tools to help – 20 Must-Have Apps and Android App Reviews by Verizon. These tools are designed to provide honest, accurate feedback on the most popular applications available in order to protect and enhance a customer’s wireless experience.

The Top 20 Must-Have Apps  is a list of Google and Apple apps that offer a “best in class” experience and will help wireless users get the most out of their mobile device. If a customer is looking for sports, travel, family, fitness, video, or finance apps, this is the place to start their search. The list is updated at least four times a year.

Android App Reviews by Verizon looks at the top 50 Google apps (25 Top Free and 25 Top Paid) based on based on their rankings in Google Play over a 30-day period. Verizon experts review the apps based on their effect on battery life, security, and data usage. As part of this initiative, there is also a list of apps that effect the operation of mobile devices in a way worth noting for customers.

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