Adding Technology to the Gym Bag

In the past, gym bags were packed with a change of clothes, sneakers, water and a towel. Today, technology comes to the gym with us, and wearable fitness devices make it possible to monitor workouts and stay on track with fitness goals.

Being fit means being active, getting rest and eating healthy. The Fitbit Zip can help with all three. The clip-on monitor tracks the steps, distance, calories burned and stairs climbed during a workout or throughout the day. At night, it can be worn as a wristband to measure your sleep cycle, and gently wake you in the morning with its silent vibrating alarm. Pairing Fitbit with its smartphone app lets you log food, water intake, workouts, weight and more.

One of the advantages of wearable fitness devices is it leaves your hands free when exercising. The Scosche Fitness Bundle lets you wear your phone using an adjustable armband so you can keep your phone close by and listen to music or time your workout. The bundle also includes sweat-proof Sport Earclips with secure grips so they don’t fall off while exercising.

Sneakers are common during most workouts, so why not wear shoes that can track your progress? The Scosche Rhythm is a lightweight armband that monitors pulse rate, calories burned, as well as the speed of your run and manages your music. Connecting it to the Scoshe app lets you set up a “Power Song” to give you an extra push of inspiration to get through a final lap or last few reps.

With two months nearly gone in 2013, find the apps and devices that help you set the tone and achieve your goals for the next 10 months.