Tips for Weathering Winter Storms

As winter storms approach, your wireless device can be a powerful tool for staying in touch and informed throughout the storm.

Here are a few mobile tips to help you prepare to make sure your wireless device is ready when needed.

Prepare your device before the storm by updating your phone’s contact list with all key emergency phone numbers and email addresses. Plus, download important apps, like weather and flashlight apps, to stay up to date on current conditions and have a light source in case power is lost. If you must brave the elements, be sure to protect your device from the cold.  

As always, limit non-emergency calls to save battery power and free up wireless networks for emergency workers and operation. Send brief text messages instead. Be sure to dim your screen and turn off Wi-Fi and GPS on your smartphone to further conserve battery in case of a power outage. A car charger can be clutch when running low on battery life to extend use. Combining battery conservation tips and useful tools like a car charger can mean the difference of having a working phone or not during a storm.

If your home or car is damaged by snow or ice, use your device’s camera to take, send and store photos and video of damaged property to send to an insurance agency. Apps such as Backup Assistant Plus and Dropbox let you upload your contacts, pictures and files to the cloud so even if your phone gets lost or damaged, you still have your data.

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