Winter Weather Driving

Winter weather in many parts of the country means snow, sleet and sloppy road conditions. Fortunately, mobile technology can help you plan for a safe drive, whether commuting to work or heading off to a weekend ski trip.

There are several smartphone apps that help prepare for a trek in the snow. Winter Survival Kit stores important phone numbers and insurance policy information and can help you notify emergency services of your location should you become stranded. The Weather Channel mobile app provides up-to-date forecasting and includes a map that indicates when inclement weather is coming your way, or leaving the area.

VZ Navigator can be a tremendous help, alerting you to traffic conditions to avoid a traffic jam or find an alternate route. And, while behind the wheel, Safely Go responds to calls and text messages with an auto-reply so drivers can concentrate on the road.

In order to keep your device safe from the house to the car, a sleeve such as the Golla Universal Tablet Sleeve or Universal Leather Pouches protects a smartphone or tablet from ice or slush. Stocking up on other accessories like extra mobile phone batteries or car chargers ensure your phone is charged when needed, so you can keep an open line of communication with friends, emergency personnel or family members.

Here are some other tips for weathering winter storms with your mobile device.