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Wireless Printing From Your Mobile Device

Have you ever been away from your office and needed to print a document or a presentation that is sitting in an email on your smartphone?

Fortunately, with mobile technology you can print right from your phone.

While in many cases, mobile devices can help save paper because you can electronically share the document, there are times when a hard copy is required – often on the fly. Think about it – the presentation, the contract or anything needing legal review. 

There are dozens of apps such as PrinterShare™ Mobile Print that let you print from your phone. Some apps are automatically configured, while others require a manual set-up. The good news is almost every major printer manufacturer has recognized the need and business value of wireless printing.

Where is the best place to start? Examine printer spec sheets to find out whether the targeted printer supports mobile printing. Then visit the mobile app store to find an app from the printer manufacturer. To find available printers directly from your smartphone, some apps can detect accessible printers at office stores and copy shops that offer printing services. 

With any type of data transfer, security is important. Be aware of jobs that are printed remotely and need to be kept confidential. If sending to a printer that is not in your immediate proximity, use an app that issues a security code to access the document.

Thanks to the rich variety of apps, wireless printing is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone.